Addiction Help

I’ve been known to help some of my clients with their addictions. The thing is that I am not an addiction therapist or counsellor but I do believe in LOVE and I believe addicts need love in order to get through it.

Society shuns and shoves addicts aside as if they are worthless. When in reality addiction is something that could happen to any human. We are all facing life and that isn’t easy. Now some people are raised to be able to handle the hard parts of life with ease, while others are wired to have addictive personalities AND they were never taught the skills they needed to fight through the tough times.

Now you take someone in that predicament and you make them feel like they are a leper and then you expect them to heal! I don’t work that way. I don’t feel that outcasting those who are hurting the most does anybody any good. We’ve seen time and again that addicts being treated that way does nothing for them. All that happens is they go face their addictions alone and they fall.

I’m here to help addicts get back up. No, I can’t cure your addiction and you need to want out. But, I can help you get out while you are trying. I can reach in and help pull you safely to the other side. I can wrap a feeling of warmth, safety, security and love around you so that when you do fall you aren’t so ashamed and feeling so down on yourself that you keep on slipping. When you fall and you have the protective love around you, it keeps you safe from breaking.

EVERYBODY FALLS and EVERYBODY FAILS. Nobody has the right to judge an addict. An addict is a human that is going to break if they are not brought back from the brink. Help bring addicts back by giving them protection instead of humiliation. Give them a reason to fight instead of a reason to feel shamed.

Here is a video all about it that I feel really drives these points home.

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