How I Got Into Stock Photography

Rainbow over windmill stock photo

Photography is somewhat of a hobby for everyone these days, wouldn’t you say? It’s been great seeing the explosion of creativity from everyone now that it’s so much more accessible to take beautiful photos. Unfortunately I feel like the spotlight has been taken away from passionate artists who put their blood, sweat and tears into the photography business.

Now you will see a wedding photographer who spent 20 years learning the craft losing out on business to an iphone x owner. It’s just the sad reality, though with the right marketing tools and the right talent you can make it as a professional photographer, no doubt. I however, decided to take my love of photography and business and combine them together in another way.

While I loved doing family photos, events, weddings and kids portraits, I also loved taking photos of just about anything. I found that some of the things I would take photos of were things people wanted for their own business. Websites need to get their photos from somewhere, and not every business is interested in taking the photos themselves. Some will hire a stock photographer and some will use a stock photo site.

I am a stock photographer. I take photos and allow people to buy the exclusive rights to them so their websites will be truly unique. When you buy custom or exclusive rights from me nobody else will be able to use the photos. Now, I also have galleries that anyone can shop from that don’t come with exclusive rights and those will cost less of course.

I love the freedom I get with stock photography because I can come and go as I please, and don’t have to stick to a schedule or shoots. Which is too much for someone who is neurodiverse like I am.

Long Time Client Chris

I’ve been producing private collections of customized stock photos for my client Chris, of Sydney, for quite a few years now. It’s been 10 years of him ordering from me but I can’t share any of the work with you, in order to prevent piracy of the photos. He paid rather handsomely to get these photos from me, and they were of some unique scenarios.

Some things you just can’t find on a stock site or if you do, it’s still not QUITE what you need. I help people who need something more specific to their brand so they don’t have to spend hours on the hunt!

You simply fill out the provided form and then wait for the required turn around time. You pay half when you fill out the form and the other half when you download the photos. That way neither one of us has to worry about being taken advantage of.

My customized stock photography will help bring your brand to the next level. We can work with whatever ideas you have, be they legal and not pornographic (suggestive nudity is okay).

I look forward to creating more customized stock photos and videos for my clients. Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions you may have.

My Favorite Client

I love to work with dogs for photos! They are too much fun because they are always on their most REAL behavior. Dogs never hide what they are feeling or thinking, do they. If they break into the trash and make a mess we all know it because their guilty faces give it away.

Are photographs of dogs looking guilty something people would want to use for their own website? Feel free to purchase photos off of my website to use for your own commercial purposes, just so long as you pay for the right license. With a license to use the photo on one project you can use it over and over again on the same website, but you can’t use it on more than one website. You’d need a multiple-use license then!

But that’s really not the point of this post. This post is actually about how much I love photographing dogs because you can always capture their truth. They don’t hide and it’s revealing to me how much people pressure themselves to be a certain way instead of just being. Like a dog. They just be. They just experience and live. If they feel hungry they eat, if they want to run they run! Humans are much more self-conscious than a dog is.

Humans, you don’t need to be self-conscious!!! Just be you! It makes for the best most interesting photos of yourself when you let your guard down and just enjoy being in life.

Addiction Help

I’ve been known to help some of my clients with their addictions. The thing is that I am not an addiction therapist or counsellor but I do believe in LOVE and I believe addicts need love in order to get through it.

Society shuns and shoves addicts aside as if they are worthless. When in reality addiction is something that could happen to any human. We are all facing life and that isn’t easy. Now some people are raised to be able to handle the hard parts of life with ease, while others are wired to have addictive personalities AND they were never taught the skills they needed to fight through the tough times.

Now you take someone in that predicament and you make them feel like they are a leper and then you expect them to heal! I don’t work that way. I don’t feel that outcasting those who are hurting the most does anybody any good. We’ve seen time and again that addicts being treated that way does nothing for them. All that happens is they go face their addictions alone and they fall.

I’m here to help addicts get back up. No, I can’t cure your addiction and you need to want out. But, I can help you get out while you are trying. I can reach in and help pull you safely to the other side. I can wrap a feeling of warmth, safety, security and love around you so that when you do fall you aren’t so ashamed and feeling so down on yourself that you keep on slipping. When you fall and you have the protective love around you, it keeps you safe from breaking.

EVERYBODY FALLS and EVERYBODY FAILS. Nobody has the right to judge an addict. An addict is a human that is going to break if they are not brought back from the brink. Help bring addicts back by giving them protection instead of humiliation. Give them a reason to fight instead of a reason to feel shamed.

Here is a video all about it that I feel really drives these points home.

Hello New Year!!

I’m so glad that 2019 is here and that I have had such a wonderful time helping so many men and women embrace their lives. Now that we’re rolling into the new year a list of resolutions seems so appropriate!

  • I will wake up each day ready to make progress in both business and life.
  • I will cherish the time I have with my family just as much as I do when I am making money.
  • I feel a sense of satisfaction when doing business that I will embrace instead of feeling guilty for.
  • I feel a sense of love for my family that I will allow to grow instead of dulling the flame with selfishness.
  • I will take each day as it comes and face whatever may be with a renewed sense of strength and appreciation.
  • I will travel among people who feel and think like I do with passion and love for both business and life.
  • I will donate to those who are struggling and who need a hand. I will lend my time and heart to those who are lonely and afraid. I will be part of society and not just look at it.
  • I will photograph so many beautiful and interesting photos my website will be flush full of stock photos for businesses and people to buy for either personal or commercial use depending on which license they pay for.

There, I think all of these things will keep my spirt and vibe focused on the right energies to get me through 2019 the best way possible.

Life Through the Lens

After years of chronicling life through the lens I have decided to take my business to the next level by providing an opportunity for others to use my art. What I see, what I create, is not just for me. I’ve been given a way to show others how I see the world, with my neurodiverse mind so I will embrace that.