How I Got Into Stock Photography

Rainbow over windmill stock photo

Photography is somewhat of a hobby for everyone these days, wouldn’t you say? It’s been great seeing the explosion of creativity from everyone now that it’s so much more accessible to take beautiful photos. Unfortunately I feel like the spotlight has been taken away from passionate artists who put their blood, sweat and tears into the photography business.

Now you will see a wedding photographer who spent 20 years learning the craft losing out on business to an iphone x owner. It’s just the sad reality, though with the right marketing tools and the right talent you can make it as a professional photographer, no doubt. I however, decided to take my love of photography and business and combine them together in another way.

While I loved doing family photos, events, weddings and kids portraits, I also loved taking photos of just about anything. I found that some of the things I would take photos of were things people wanted for their own business. Websites need to get their photos from somewhere, and not every business is interested in taking the photos themselves. Some will hire a stock photographer and some will use a stock photo site.

I am a stock photographer. I take photos and allow people to buy the exclusive rights to them so their websites will be truly unique. When you buy custom or exclusive rights from me nobody else will be able to use the photos. Now, I also have galleries that anyone can shop from that don’t come with exclusive rights and those will cost less of course.

I love the freedom I get with stock photography because I can come and go as I please, and don’t have to stick to a schedule or shoots. Which is too much for someone who is neurodiverse like I am.

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