Hello New Year!!

I’m so glad that 2019 is here and that I have had such a wonderful time helping so many men and women embrace their lives. Now that we’re rolling into the new year a list of resolutions seems so appropriate!

  • I will wake up each day ready to make progress in both business and life.
  • I will cherish the time I have with my family just as much as I do when I am making money.
  • I feel a sense of satisfaction when doing business that I will embrace instead of feeling guilty for.
  • I feel a sense of love for my family that I will allow to grow instead of dulling the flame with selfishness.
  • I will take each day as it comes and face whatever may be with a renewed sense of strength and appreciation.
  • I will travel among people who feel and think like I do with passion and love for both business and life.
  • I will donate to those who are struggling and who need a hand. I will lend my time and heart to those who are lonely and afraid. I will be part of society and not just look at it.
  • I will photograph so many beautiful and interesting photos my website will be flush full of stock photos for businesses and people to buy for either personal or commercial use depending on which license they pay for.

There, I think all of these things will keep my spirt and vibe focused on the right energies to get me through 2019 the best way possible.

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